We're putting a "fresh face" on fieldtrips: integrating Mobile Learning technologies offers students and teachers learning opportunities in the field they wouldn't otherwise have. Using portable PCs, video conferencing and a wireless connection to broadband Internet, sharing a fieldtrip to UNBSJ's Marine Biology research lab with students in, say, Edmonton Alberta, is becoming a reality.

As a first step, the Enrichment Class at Harry Miller Middle School, part of District 6 in Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada, spent 12 weeks working out many of the challenges inherent in this type of extended fieldtrip study.

picture of students with video equipment in an artist's studio

Their curricular focus was a comparison of the creative process in both scientific research and Art making. Each of the 5 groups of 4 students took turns "leading" a fieldtrip and sharing it remotely with the rest of the class.These digital projects represent each group's efforts to analyze, edit and interpret the information they gathered.




UNBSJ (Marine Biology)

CAROL TAYLOR (Pottery & Clay)



The palaeontology group's fieldtrip project can also be seen in the student projects section of Historica's website.

Here is some local press coverage of our Mobile Learning Enrichment group activities.


composite picture of students involved in a mobile field trip event.






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May 30/2003